Saturday, April 27, 2019


I recently read that a survey showed that Netflix is negatively affecting the sex life of its viewers.  It seems that men and women prefer streaming to sex.

I learned about sex in the Fifties from Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.  Sex happens in separate twin beds.  Thus, why it took me so long to find a husband that could fit into my mine.  Once that was accomplished, things went along pretty well for 32 years.  The beds got larger and we streamed 2 daughters. Then 8 years ago I found myself alone and left to my own devices.  I took that to mean electronic devices.  My mix master was too dangerous, my electric knife was a no go, my Keurig was a possibility, and my belt sander was a bit too rough.  So I did what any normal single woman would do…I tried using the vibrating feature on my cell phone…without much success.

Thankfully, someone understood my dilemma and created Netflix.  Now, not only is Netflix NOT ruining my sex life, it is actually my “go to” source for my sex life, along with HBO, The Comedy Channel and National Geographic.  So let me say thank you to all those streaming stations that allow me to feel like a vital woman again.  (And don’t get me started on the “streaming” feature.  My bladder streams all night long).

Forget John Boy.  Give me John Snow!  Bye, bye Lucy.  Hello “Sex Education”  (a UK based Netflix series starring Gillian Anderson).  I still love my twin bed and until something changes, me and my remote control are  sublimely happy together.


  1. Maxine, the last time we talked you couldn't fit another inch of activity into your space. I've never seen Netflix, I can't sit that long, but you're right about NatGeo because it shows everything. Do you watch "Curb you Enthusiasm"?. Maxine, we need to find you a pen pal. Now lets see, what part of the world would you enjoy conversing with? You pick the spot on the globe and I'll be happy to send them character references. I can imagine your pen pal will mirror your experiences with electronic gadgets and Netflix with additional categories of fun Netflix hasn't shown. After receiving my DNA Ancestry results I'm considering a pen pal. Hey Maxine, I know, why don't we sign up together and maybe we'll pen pal two single dads's, grandparents, brother's (twins), but not all at once. After all, it's nice to watch Netflix but I don't think it would be a good idea to portray one of the lead characters in one of its features.

  2. Baaahahaha! So much sex on GoT. If you're not "learning" something, you're not paying attention. ;-) <3