Friday, April 27, 2012

My 7 Bad Habits

I recently read an article that listed the 7 Bad Habits of Insanely Productive People.  Well, I consider myself somewhat insane (okay you can stop nodding your head in agreement), mildly productive, and I certainly consider myself a person (although some would challenge that statement).  So I thought I had better check out the list and see if any of these bad habits apply to me. 

Bad Habit #1:  Being thin skinned.  Yeah, I don’t think so.  At my age, my skin is more like an elephant’s with veins that look like rivers on a map and errant hairs in the most ridiculous places.  And my hearing is so poor that if people are talking about me, I don’t even hear them.  Forget this habit.

Bad Habit #2:  Flakiness.  You got me on this one.  I just want to know who told these guys about my dandruff.  Are there cameras in my bathroom?  I just hate the paparazzi following me all the time. It’s hard being a famous blogger.

Bad Habit #3:  Selfishness.  Yes, I am Jewish but I still like my seafood.  Oh, I thought this habit was about liking shellfish.  I guess my eyesight isn’t so good either.

Bad Habit #4:  Greed.  Yes, I am greedy.  I want to be younger, I want to be thinner, I want to eliminate my wrinkles, I want world peace, I want the politicians to stop running ads….I want it all and I want it now.   And I wouldn’t mind having a crack at George Clooney either now that I think of it.

Bad Habit #5:  Distractibility.  Who, what, where…what did you say?  Not me!!

Bad Habit #6:  Self doubt…is it me?   Well, when I looked in the mirror this morning, it WAS me, me and my elephant skin, me and my flaky head, me still wanting a crack at George Clooney.  But then things can change when I get distracted (see bad habit #5).

And finally, Bad Habit #7:  Arrogance.   So, why do you think I keep stalking you?  Cause it’s all about me…..unless something changed in Bad Habit #6. 

So, after reviewing these bad habits, I thought I should start a Good Habit List.  It sounded like a sane, productive thing a person would do.  But then I got distracted (see Bad Habit #5) so maybe I’m wrong (Bad Habit #6).  Are you talking about me now (Bad Habit #1).  Well, that’s okay cause at least you are focusing on me (Bad Habit #7). Now where did I put George Clooney’s phone number (back to Bad Habit #5).


  1. Well, I'm not sure any of these are bad habits, At least I don't look at mind close enough to be sure. LOL

  2. Best of the Blog:
    Bad Habit #3: Selfishness. Yes, I am Jewish but I still like my seafood. Oh, I thought this habit was about liking shellfish.

  3. Maxine, you once again outdid yours--SQUIRREL!